I was excited to get totalk to lead singer Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate. Their album How ItFeels To Be Something On (Sub Pop) has been worn out on my CD player. They recentlyplayed my hometown, San Francisco, and we loved the show. And there was allthe controversy that had been stirred up over his religious beliefs. We startedthe interview with me raving about my favorite song on the album, "Rosesin Water," and asking about the inspiration the late Pakistani singer NusratFateh Ali Khan was to the album.
How didyou get into Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?
Basically through Dan, theguitarist. Dan was just turned on to him, I don't know how, but he justtold me to go and pick up a coupleof albums?and I was blown away. Ever since then I've listened to itcontinuously.
How doyou write your songs?
Hmmm? Well, Dan andI sit down a lot and basically write the skeleton of the song, the basic idea,and after that structure is written and a lot of the vocals, then we'lltake it to the band?to Willie, and Jeff at the time; we have a new bassist,but at the time it was Jeff. What happenedto that guy? He was a member of Porch, on Alternative Tentacles, and my friendsshared a practice space with them. Jeff didn't work out.Unfortunately. He was a great bass player, you know, it's just he kindof wanted a lot more than we had to offer. I think he thought we were at a pointthat we weren't really at.
Do youwant to be a rock star?
I think he had a more businessoutlook on the band where we were a little more spiritual, a little bit moreabout the music end. And he wanted a lot more money than we were even getting.And we really aren't at that point now that we make a lot of money. Andthat affected the relationship. It sucked. Then it just kind of got sour andit wasn't worth doing any more. Even for him. So?
You don'thave a day job, do you?