Whenyou're tired of Oakland, you're tired of life. Why are both Salonand Mother Jones saying such nice things about Jerry Brown? The admirablepolitician is six months into his tenure as the first white mayor ofOakland in 20 years, and he's already proven himself a bit of a heretic by welcomingfree enterprise and challenging the city's black power structure. You'd thinkthat Mother Jones, if not Salon, would by now be maligning Brownas a right-deviationist and a racist.
MotherJones' generosity toward Brown is the more surprising when you notice howmuch the magazine's willing to concede him. Consider the following passagesfrom Dashka Slater's piece, which appears in the magazine's July/August issue:
"'Wehave to stop thinking that Jerry Brown ever was a leftist-he's a populist,'says Eugene 'Gus' Newport, a former mayor of neighboring Berkeley."
Or: "...[Brown]articulated a platform that could as easily have come from Los Angeles' RichardRiordan or Chicago's Richard Daley."
Or: "Hemay have been preaching against the government's 'phony war on drugs' at thestart of the campaign, but by his inauguration he was pledging to 'support everylawful action and utilize the criminal justice system to the maximum to ridout neighborhoods of criminals.'" The two positions, of course, aren'tmutually exclusive, but so be it.