I went out to Queens to take my Great-Aunt Doris to the doctor. I took the G train all the way from where I live in downtown Brooklyn to her neighborhood, Rego Park, which is right next to Forest Hills, which must be right next to Long Island. I always forget the exact geography, but it's way out there. I was on the subway a good 50 minutes, about 23 stops. I drank a coffee and read the whole paper.

I got off at 63rd Dr. and started walking the several blocks to my great-aunt's building. I was a little hungry and I remembered that in my backpack was a bagel with cream cheese I had bought with my coffee, but had forgotten about. It was almost 1 p.m. and I hadn't eaten anything all day. So I started in on the bagel, especially because I knew I'd need strength to get my great-aunt to the doctor's. My blood sugar is all nutty and if it dipped while I was with her I'd be in trouble. She's three-quarters deaf, and when she walks she teeters and careens, even with her cane, and she makes everything worse by being stubborn.