Kelly Killoren Bensimon Can Make You HOT!: Mother and writer on her new "Supermodel Diet" book

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Model, mother, writer and realty tv show star Kelly Killoren Bensimon on learning to eat healthy Aside from running around the city (in more ways than one), what is perhaps most exciting in Kelly Killoren Bensimon's life right now is her latest publishing venture. She has just released her fourth book, [I Can Make You HOT!: The Supermodel Diet]( (St. Martin's)-and is donating a portion of the proceeds to Generosity Water. (This piece is excerpted from the New York Family Magazine June cover story. To read the full piece, and more from New York Family, [click here]( In a nutshell, the book is an easy-to-navigate guide to nutrition and wellness, with recipes and hot tips by which Bensimon lives her life. The title acronym, Healthy Options Today, is meant to inspire readers to make the best choices for themselves-whether it's deciding on a dish to make for lunch or picking out what to wear to feel confident. "Anyone can look like [this], you just have to work at it," she says, referring to her fit-as-a-fiddle figure. For Bensimon, what originally started out as an idea for a cookbook evolved into something much greater. And although it took her only a month to write the book, the lessons found within its pages were learned over time. "When you meet people who are living on $39 a week for food, you have a totally different perspective on making healthy choices," she says, thinking of her charity work with the Food Bank. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bensimon details some of the extreme measures that supermodels go to in order to stay thin-and some of the methods she tried during her early days in front of the camera. As a former pro model, she's learned a lot about health and nutrition. "I was a healthy American girl from Rockford, Illinois, and when I came to New York they were always telling me to lose weight-always telling me to lose ten pounds," Bensimon remembers. Like most living, breathing human beings, Bensimon became frustrated under the pressure and did quite the opposite: dieting, but also eating Dove bars and complaining about not losing weight. Fast forward ten years. As an expectant mom, she gained fifty pounds during both of her pregnancies, eating what her body craved and letting nature take its course. But she didn't let weight issues or motherhood keep her from following her career ambitions, such as writing for [Hamptons magazine](, launching ELLE Accessories, penning three books on culture and style, and [blogging about her daily adventures]( In fact, all her weight-watching and mothering seem to have done quite the opposite. "I've done a lot in the past fifteen years and my whole perspective changed because [of] my desire to want to be a better person for my kids," she says. To read the full piece at New York Family [click here](

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