Kid Learns To Use Her Inside Voice

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A Brooklyn teacher’s aide has been charged with assaulting a first grader for talking while watching a movie in her school’s auditorium, according to the [Daily News]( And you thought that popcorn throwers were bad. The girl, 6 year-old Maryah Rodriguez, suffered a nasty, oval-shaped bruise on the side of her stomach after Judith Kleinfeldt allegedly grabbed her by the arm and [shoved her against a chair]( last Friday.

“Tell the fucking truth!” Kleinfeldt allegedly screamed at her when law enforcement officers questioned the girl. “Parents trust our schools, teachers and aides to protect our children, not cause them to suffer serious injuries,” Sanford Rubenstein, Rodriguez’s lawyer, told the Daily News. Good point. Kleinfeldt was charged with assault, menacing, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment. The girl’s mother will testify before a grand jury today.

The disturbing incident comes less that a week after a [substitute teacher in Massachusetts] was charged with assault and battery after a school surveillance camera caught him chasing a first-grader down a hallway and then dragging the flailing boy by his shirt collar. Looks like the teachers are the ones in need of a little time out.

Photo courtesy of [welovethedark on Flickr]

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