Kids Learning Bad Lessons At School

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It seems in addition to [trading in the classic doobie for prescription drugs], the city’s kids have traded in stealing bills from mom’s purse for grand larceny. [The Preliminary Mayor's Management Report released yesterday noted that major ]([felonies committed in classrooms rose 21 percent from last year. ]( most popular crime is stealing teachers’ pocketbooks and school laptops. Of the total 197 grand larceny cases reported, students were victims only 13 percent of the time—implying that they were the dirty little thieves the other 87 percent of the time. Just look at them—nothing but evil, right? The report compares July through October 2006 with the same period in the previous year and also found that the number of families entering shelters for the first time rose 24 percent, the number of runaways and homeless kids rose 46 percent and child abuse and neglect reports rose 27 percent. The good news? Ninety three point eight percent of city streets were rated acceptably clean.

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