Knicks Pounded By C's

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“That’s not a good sign,” New York Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas said after last night’s game. Was he talking about his team [losing by 40 points] to the Boston Celtics? Was he talking about none of his 17 players scoring in double figures? Was he talking about a jury ordering his superiors to pay $11.6 million because he [sexually harassed an employee]( Maybe the answer’s “D: All of the above,” because nothing is going right for the Knicks these days.

New York was battered like an alcoholic boxer’s wife all game, losing 101-61 at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. After the game, some Knicks decided to rethink their recent optimism. One day after newly acquired forward Zach Randolph implied that the Knicks might be the Celtics’ equal, he understatedly confessed, “We’ve got a lot of work to do.” Really Zach, what makes you say that?

Randolph and Stephon Marbury led New York with nine points apiece, but the Knicks recorded more turnovers (14) than assists (10) on offense, one of the many ugly stats that only begin to depict how bad they were. Luckily, New York doesn’t have to wait long to try and redeem some personal dignity. The Knicks [battle New Jersey tonight] in New Jersey, another chance to measure themselves against an Atlantic Division rival.

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