Last Dance

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I know we’ve heard this one before, but this time it seems the [Roxy nightclub]-cum-roller rink is closing for good. Really. Tonight there’s purported to be a final skate to relive the '70s heyday (and one of the [final skate rinks]( still around). But the big event will be [John Blair](’s big Saturday blowout: A perfect excuse for all those Chelsea boys to experience their favorite K-hole or G dropout. Of course the club wasn’t always known for what was being snorted from a bumper. It's been around since the 1920s and has a [storied past](, notably as the epicenter of hip-hop culture in the early ’80s (before the term was coined) and the break-dancing competitions that took place, featured in the 1984 film [Beat Street](

It was inevitable that the club would be a thing of the past once [Interactive Corp] unfurled their sail-like Gehry building next door (doesn't it just blend into the fog on those chilly Hudson mornings?). The Saturday night promoter John Blair recently issued an email statement: "The State Liquor Authority is closing all clubs for one week that have had two or more underage drinking violations." The club will allegedly be demolished in a few weeks. And what better thing for Chelsea than to kick out a loud, drug-riddled club and replace it with a parking lot or another high-rise? What's a promoter to do these days in Chelsea? Seems everyone just wants to imbibe while underage and take countless amounts of drugs. And we all know that just shouldn't be happening in a nightclub, bastions of propriety and good vibes.

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