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Permanent Plaza To the Editor: I support turning the Kips Bay Pedestrian Plaza into a permanent fixture. The test run spanning June and July on the service road at Second Avenue between East 33rd and 30th streets was a positive addition to the neigborhood where I have lived since 1985. People in this area are starved for a nice place to sit in open air that is not private property. The trees offered cool shade, and everyone was polite and largely well-meaning as they enjoyed this lovely place for two summer months. The Doe Fund kept the area spotlessly clean and pleasant. I enjoyed seeing them come into Starbucks each morning and evening after their work duties; they were very polite and courteous to all. As you know, this area fronts the Kips Bay Towers complex, and I understand there was considerable resistance from some of the real estate professionals who deal in those properties, but in fact, I should think that this lovely pedestrian plaza compliments any potential financial value over which these people might be concerned. I recall one Kips Bay Towers resident was quoted in Our Town as saying, "We're against it! Who will sit there but homeless people. It's very sad." With lovely fresh breezes coming off the ocean via the East River and the lovely shade trees, this is the best-kept summer secret! Please bring it back immediately-not a year from now or never. -Virginia Hooper

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