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Life in a Box To the Editor: The city's recent plan that was noted in your paper ("Living Large?" Aug. 9) to make tiny 275-square-foot apartments for singles seems outrageous. Why not go even further and make street apartments for the homeless? These could consist of large refrigerator or sofa boxes with a battery-operated hot plate and water bottle. (The deluxe version could have a plastic curtain over the opening for privacy.) -L.E. Shapiro Bad News Smiles To the Editor: Like Bette Dewing ("Olympian Principles for Everyday Life," Aug. 2), I don't buy smiling when hearts are breaking-including when you're breaking them. If you don't want to pick a fight, don't deliver bad news with a smile. You might think you're softening the blow, but the hearer might see your smile as meaning "I'm pleased to be displeasing you." -Alan R. Brown Big Business Quality To the Editor: Regarding the column "Small Business Is Best, Except When It's Not" (June 28), I have some comments. This article is unfair to small businesses. Every problem Mr. Moore describes has happened to me in chain stores/large businesses as well as to many people that I know. Duane Reade has more issues to complain about as far as customer service and quality. Barnes & Noble's staff is known for a lack of knowledge about books. Your paper needs to balance this article with the other side of the story. -Name Withheld

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