Letters From Cuba By Maria Irene Fornes
Maria Irene Fornes' Letters from Cuba is an unprepossessing jewel. Directed by the author, this quietly beautiful, last production of the Signature Theater's all-Fornes season comes as something of a relief, since the rest of the season has been, to varying degrees, a letdown. Mud, one of this neglected playwright's most accessible plays, which should've been a triumphal revival, was disastrously directed. Enter the Night, the New York premiere of a 1993 work whose fascinating strangeness became slowly apparent only after a dreadfully torpid opening scene, reinforced Mud's mistaken impression of an author morbidly obsessed with sorrow and gloom. Letters from Cuba, a 65-minute world premiere, is the sweetly simple, lingeringly odd Fornes experience Signature audiences should've been given at the outset.