Letters Reunited

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to the editor:

in the may 6 issue of this paper,?the article "send it snail mail" caught my eye, jogging fond memories of my years in camp.?my response to the article, "happy camper," appeared as a letter to the editor in the may 29 issue. this response reached the eyes of a woman who had in her possession four loving letters written by a father to his four children at camp, dated aug. 10, 1929. it was always her dream to reunite these letters to the children or their kin. how to do this? she had tried to interest reader's digest and the daily news into writing a human-interest story about the letters, but to no avail. she put the letters aside, but never ceased wondering.

a message received on my phone on the thursday before memorial day weekend prompted a reply to this kind lady, and her sharing the letters with me. in one of the letters, mention of the camp name was made, and a google search revealed that while the camp was no longer in operation, a website including alumni news and a contact was available. the alumni contact put me in touch with a gentleman (like myself, a camp lover) who put our investigation into motion. it gives me pleasure to say that in less than a week, one of the daughters was located. i have conversed with this woman twice, and will be meeting with her in the very near future. how moved and delighted she was, after almost 81 years, to have these letters placed in her hand.

in the hustle and bustle of life, eight decades later, four people took the time and made the effort?to reunite this treasure, four beautiful letters, to a loving father's two remaining daughters.

allie tabak

east 72nd street

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