Letters to the Editor: Quinn Not Fit for Mayor

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Letters Quinn Not Fit for Mayor I want to commend Tom Allon ("A Trashy Political Idea," May 17) for his explanation of why the proposed Upper East side site of the waste transfer station is a bad idea, but more for his honest depiction of Council Speaker Christine Quinn as Mayor Bloomberg's "rubber stamp." The worst example of this was Quinn using her power to overturn term limits. We must remember that this came at a time when the slush fund scandal was fresh in our minds. By selfishly extending herself and the mayor a third term, she got a chance to try to rehabilitate her reputation. So far, two former Council members, Miguel Martinez and Hiram Monserrate, have been convicted of felonies, and a third, Larry Seabrook, is up for another trial. This corruption happened on her watch. In recent years, she has turned the City Council into her own personal ? "what I say goes?" form of government. Time after time (the paid sick leave bill, for example) there have been bills with a strong majority of support that she refuses to put up to a vote simply because she doesn't agree. Allon, as he disclosed, is running for mayor in 2013 and he, along with any other potential candidate, would make a better mayor than Christine Quinn. -Mickey Kramer Gay Marriage Con Vice President Joe Biden "outed" President Barack Obama by coming out for gay marriage first ("My Marriage and My President," May 17). It was one of Biden's many outspoken comments, although this time he knew the mike was open. This announcement could have been made earlier during the Obama/Biden administration, but was delayed to be politically timed. The effort was to solidify the gay, lesbian and transgender base for political contributions and votes to re-elect Obama/Biden in 2012. It was also a clever way of avoiding discussion of more important issues, such as our 15 percent unemployment rate (8 percent out of work, plus 7 percent who have just given up looking), increase in national debt by $5.6 trillion, increase in yearly spending from $3 trillion to $3.7 trillion and continued yearly waste, fraud and abuse of tens of billions in taxpayer dollars. Intelligent voters will not fall for this con game. -Larry Penner

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