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Political Opportunist To the Editor: Kirsten Gillibrand is a political hack and opportunist if ever there was one. ("Why Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have It All," July 26). She shamelessly scouts for headlines to jump on and take what her handlers advise are "populist" positions. An example is Gillibrand jumping on the "Miracle in the Hudson" incident to call for an all-out war on Canada geese that resulted in the roundup and destruction of 751 geese just a couple of weeks ago from the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge-a refuge-turned-slaughterhouse, thanks to the political ambitions of Gillibrand. She should be road out of town on her broomstick come November. -Patty Adjamine Double Standard To the Editor: Reading "Brewer Intros New Bike Legislation" (July 26), I would like to commend Council Member Gale Brewer and Queens Councilman James Vacca for new legislation, but was disappointed that they can only see one side of this problem of lawbreaking bikers. Why only concentrate on commercial bikers? Whatever laws they break are also broken by other bikers who do the exact same things-going through red lights, against traffic and on the sidewalk, shaking up pedestrians, especially the elderly. Why are these other offenders exempt from punishment? Why the double standard? -Bunny Abraham

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