Lieberman On His Own Terms

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In today's Hartford Courant, Washington correspondent David Lightman [writes] about how Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, now an "independent Democrat," has been making the rounds on both sides of the aisle. Sure, you heard the President mention his name during the Iraq speech on Wednesday, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Quote:

"Last Friday, for instance, Lieberman left an all-day Senate Democratic retreat to head uptown. He was on the program to address the American Enterprise Institute about Iraq, appearing with Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain. Lieberman told institute members that the president "needs our support" in waging the war, and spoke of "succeeding in Iraq."

Were Lieberman to switch to a full independent and caucus with the Republicans, he would return control of the Senate to the GOP. Will it happen? Probably not. But after he was abandoned for Ned Lamont by many on the left during last year's elections, why shouldn't he play footsie with the enemy, even if just to squeeze a few extra perks out of the new Democratic majority.

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