Like Herpes, Mean Posts Saying You Have Herpes Never Go Away

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Two Yale Law School students are[suing for defamation], after posters using pseudonyms on, "the most prestigious college discussion board in the world," said the two women had Herpes, were -- gasp -- lesbians, were into group sex, had AIDS, and worst of all, had low LSAT scores. Those posts, which had titles like "stupid-bitch-to-attend-yale-law," went up back in 2005, and apparently have cost the two women summer employement and psychological damage.

Like being behind the wheel of a car, hiding behind a pseudonym on the internet shields the id from intervention by the superego and allows the inner brat to run rampant. That's not news. But what's happening now is that new technology makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to trace the pseudonym back to the poster.

Originally, an AudoAdmit adminstrator was named in the lawsuit, but his name was subsequently dropped. Still, a little research showed that AutoAdmit is not quite as prestigious as it claims to be. Herpes accusations still fly with abandon. "Hey Bros, this bitch gave me herpes," a poster called CORNBREAD wrote of a University of Florida student in December, naming the student "The Herpes Queen" in the subject line. On January 4th, THATS HOW I ROLL commiserated, posting: "yuz guz need 2 know she has friends who help her spred the stuff. she pretends 2 luv us bros and our big ebony cocks..but she on a revenge mission. she hang out at bar called Boubon Street in jacksonville, fl and at places in valdosta, ga...beware!!!!"

And you thought you were done with middle school.

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