Literally Everything You Need to Know About the Superbowl

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By Allison Volpe Aside from all the sports stuff. OK fine. The Baltimore Ravens are playing the San Francisco 49ers. There you go. Other than that, we've got everything you need to know about Super Bowl XLVII, from where to eat, what to prepare, and what to look forward to on television besides those muscular guys running around that field in New Orleans. Where to Party in NYC If you aren't having a Super Bowl party, you have options, from the Upper West Side, to the Meatpacking District, to the West Village. Manhattan has got you covered.
[Fatty 'Cue](, 50 Carmine St., 212-929-5050- Whole. Roast. Pig. That is all. Enjoy all of the comfort food of your wildest dreams such as smoked mac & cheese and brisket sandwiches while sipping on Super Bowl-inspired cocktails. Catering packages also start at $325 and serve 10-12. [Havana Central](, 2911 Broadway, 212-662-8830- Head to the Upper West Side for an all-you-can-drink-and-eat Cuban feast. Wings, sliders, empanadas and beer will all be unlimited for $34.95 a person. [Toy Oyster Bar](, 18 Ninth Ave., 212-660-6766- If you want to get away from the fratty Super Bowl atmosphere, head to Toy Oyster Bar. They will be serving $1 oysters and complimentary Beyonce-themed shots with names like "Put a Ring on It." Brother Jimmy's, (Click [here]( for locations and contact info) If you do want to be immersed in a typical football atmosphere, look no further: Brother Jimmy's is the place for you. With multiple locations including the Upper East Side and Union Square, you are guaranteed to find some delicious barbeque nearby. Croton Tavern, 18 W 40th St., 212-997-6835- If you'd like to use the Super Bowl as an excuse to search for a mate, Croton Tavern is holding a singles mixer. Croton has two levels with fully stocked bars, 10 televisions, and games including sports trivia will be played. There will be drink specials all night, including $4 beers, $5 shots, and $6 wine. There is a $30 registration fee at []( What to Make Meat! Cheese! Carbs! Don't feel guilty about anything you create or consume today, because it is necessary and it is also tradition. Not eating like a gluttonous animal is against Super Bowl rules. [Hoagie Dip]( including salami, provolone and mayo = heaven. If you're looking for a bit of a classier appetizer, try this easy recipe for [Bacon- Wrapped Scallops]( [Pulled Pork Egg Rolls]( - Guy Fieri never disappoints with the strange and surprising twists in all of his recipes. It's impossible to go wrong when combining succulent pulled pork with crunchy egg roll wrappers. If you want to spend the minimal amount of time in the kitchen, these [Sliders]( take less than 20 minutes. [Coney Dog Potato Skins]( - Here is the perfect combination for any New Yorker and football lover: hot dogs and potato skins. Voila. Impress your guests with a [Football field of cupcakes]( )! It looks adorable and you don't have to be a pastry chef to pull it off. The Performers and Commercials If football isn't your thing-but you're being forced to watch it against your will-at least tune in for the performances and commercials. Jennifer Hudson will be performing "America the Beautiful" during the pregame show with 26 children from Sandy Hook elementary. If weeping ensues, it is completely understandable. Then Alicia Keys will dazzle with the national anthem. If you aren't investing on any game-related bets, start a bet on how long her performance of the song will be. After [all of the scandal]( surrounding her inauguration performance, it is time for Beyoncè to kill it during her half-time performance. Which is guaranteed, because she has more talent in her left thumb than the entire population of NYC. She's practically a super-human?and that shouldn't be questioned. Rumors are also swirling that this could also be a reunion performance for Destiny's Child. As of late, it's becoming less and less likely?but what if it actually happens?! Also enjoy playing ad exec for a day while excessively critiquing the million dollar commercials. The Puppy Bowl ( you could really care less about a bunch of men chasing a ball and smashing into each other, luckily Animal Planet has an alternative for you. An extremely cute alternative. The Puppy Bowl is in its 9th year and is probably one of the greatest things to happen to television. If you'd rather hear "Excessive cuteness" and "Illegal use of the paws" as penalty calls, then this is perfect! It ends at 5 P.M., just in case you'd actually like to watch real football.    

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