Little Minds, Strong Opinions

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First graders at P.S. 6 on the Upper East Side write op-eds for the community Teacher Beth Pereira's first grade class at P.S. 6, The Lillie Devereaux Blake School, on E. 81st Street between Madison and Park Avenues, is learning to express their opinions in a persuasive writing unit. The six- and seven-year-olds wrote about consumerism, civic responsibility, bullying and the value of animals. The Upper East Side might be a nicer place if people heeded their advice. Fiona McGrath, 6 I personally think that American Girl dolls should be less expensive. Girls and even some boys want American Girl dolls but their parents can't afford it. And they're just dolls! They should not cost that much. Dolls I see aren't as much as American Girl dolls. For example, when I was walking in American Girl Doll my friend told me American Girl dolls are about 200 dollars or more! I freaked out. It was very surprising. And even as a kid when I see my friends that have American Girl dolls, Ifeel really sad. American Girl dolls should not be 200 dollars. It seems like all of my friends have American Girl dolls but me. But even I know what you are thinking. My parents can buy an American Girl but it is too much for them to spend on a doll. I feel really sad. And one of my friends has about seven American Girl dolls! When I see her it makes me feel like I'm never, ever going to get an American Girl doll so I feel really upset. In conclusion, I think that American Girl dolls should be less expensive. Thank you. Ethan M., 7( I think that everyone should have a dog because if you are afraid of the dark and you buy a dog without a bed, it would sleep on your bed. If your Mom and Dad go to work and you have a day off and you have a dog, the dog can play with you. A dog is fun to train and play with. Dogs are cute and cuddly. Dogs will and can protect you. They're good friends. They are also good mates. If you train themwell, they will be nice too. If you have a baby brother or cousin, they are going to like it. If you buy two dogs or more you can see them play. If your mom or dad is allergic to cats and they want to buy a pet for you, they can buy a dog. You can walk a dog so you can be fit. In conclusion, I think everyone should have a dog. There are different dogs so pick one today! Thank you! Allie B., 6( I personally think people should not litter because it is really dirty and it is not healthy for the world. Do you see any black spots on the sidewalk? That's gum that people spit out on the sidewalk! I think that is bad and gross. When my babysitter gives me a piece of gum I ask her if I could throw the gum wrapper away. I want everybody to throw away their trash. I also don't think people should throw trash on the ground because if you step on it, you will feel yucky when you walk. For example, I was walking in the street and guess what? I saw a salad tray with salad in it! I don't think anyone should do that! And most importantly, I want everyone to throw away trash in the trash can and not on the street and sidewalk. Harrison Preslier, 6( If you are lonely you can get a fish! You could get three or four fish! Did you know that a fish is a good friend? You will have fun...lots and lots of fun. They are easy to take care of and they are quiet. Fish are funny. They go like this...bloop, bloop,bloop. That's why I think that fish are funny. In conclusion, I think that everyone should have a fish. Kalina Andonova, 7 I think that everyone should be nice to each other. When you are nice with people you can make new friends and people will be nice with you! If you fall, ask "Are you going to be okay?" Someone is going to help youbecause he cares! And EVERYONE say good words like sorry or please and thank you. If everyone on the Upper East Side is nice to each other than this is going to be so, so, so good! One time when my pen fell off the table my friend picked it up and gave it to me. That's nice! That's why I think that everyone should be nice to each other on the Upper East Side. Kate Hankin, 6 The Upper East Side would be much better if everyone did not throw gum on the sidewalk. If you put gum on the sidewalk it can make our town dirtier. It leaves marks on the sidewalk. When you put gum on the sidewalk it can stick to your shoes and it will be yucky. Little kids can pick gum up off the sidewalk and eat it! It's not safe. You can put your gum in the garbage can. There is one on every street so please don't be lazy. Once I was scooting on my scooter and I fell down because the sidewalk was dirty. In conclusion, I think that no one should put gum on the street or sidewalks to help keep our neighborhood clean. Cole Corper, 6( I personally think that you should not bully because it creates no peace and no harmony. I think that we should be nice to each other. Here is why...It will create more peace in the world. If you see someone bullying... someone stop them! Never bully. It's mean. One time somebody teased somebody and was laughing and being very mean. My friend ordered his friend to hurt my friend and I was really mad so I told the teacher and luckily everything was okay. Now back to the reasons. I think that nobody should tease or bully because it creates no peace and no harmony. It makes you get yourself in trouble if you bully! So will you please not bully? It hurts people. Never use a fist please. It is really bad. You shouldn't. Bullying hurts peoples feelings and that is why I think it is mean to bully. So what do you think? Are you going to bully anymore or not? Maybe you need more reasons. So here we go... You should not bully because it is the meanest thing in the world. By now you know that most people in the world do not bully. Don't you want to go in with them? Be yourself but don't be a bully.

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