Liveblogging the First Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

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11:54 a.m.: Protestors gather at bowling green in front of National Museum of American Indian and Battery Park to report back on events before heading to next location. Protestors are wearing birthday hats and holding balloons to celebrate first anniversary. 12:05 p.m.: Occupy protestors invade battery park and form groups in front of police to discuss next action plans. 12:10 p.m.: "I would love to see us continue to operate as a group for the second half of day," says a group organizer while discussing where to go next. " 12:10p.m.: Group leaders review new plans and propose them to spokescouncil. One plan discussed was to protest in front of Wells Fargo. Some civilians are concerned about arrest and formulate plan that involves a place with many exits in case of police 12:16 p.m: Discuss moving to 200 besey street near West Side highway. Some civilians decide to go to 1 Police Plaza, where they will work with jail support 12:21 p.m.: One group makes plans for civil disobedience and possible arrest, has a group of 20 or more. "I'm here for the lack of resources for the 99% and to celebrate the one year anniversary of an important movement. I'm personally here to take the money out of politics," said protester Megan Hanley. 12:33 p.m.: Group recites plan together to move to wells Fargo with "fuck Wells Fargo" balloons. 12:48 p.m.: Protesters barricade entrance to Battery Park with blocks that say "Occupy." 12:56 p.m.: Group moves to Wells Fargo branch with plans to infiltrate. A band of eight cops on motorbikes follow the contingent of protestors. ( p.m.: Wells Fargo is blocked. Protestors surround building yelling chants "Wells Fargo what the fuck we bailed you out and you still suck!" 1:15 p.m.: Protesters regroup and move toward Bank of America with the hopes of shutting it down again like they did this morning. Walk toward bank chanting "Bank of America is bad for America!" 1:18 p.m.: Girls take their bras off and throw them at the windows of Bank of America. 1:19: Protestors storm bank of America and police close off street. Several people are arrested in front of bank. Police threaten to arrest people watching on street. ( p.m.: Protestors block Bank of America and police break up the group. 1:22 p.m.: Police arrest several people outside Bank of America and close down sidewalks. 1:25 p.m.: A police officer yells at woman who brought child to Occupy protests 2:10 p.m.: Police told a protestor to move off of sidewalk. When the protestor refused, several police tackled man and arrested him. -Compiled by Tatiana Baez

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