Longboarders to Stick it to the Man

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by Naomi Cohen The Broadway Bomb, an annual longboard "push race" from 116th Street to the Financial District, faced a restraining order Thursday when the State Supreme Court called out its lack of parade permit. The co-founder, Ian Nichols, is relinquishing responsib ility for the race to avoid prosecution, but its [Facebook p](http://www.facebook.com/events/175427129257452/)[age](http://www.facebook.com/events/175427129257452/) is insists the show must go on despite the New York Police Department's threat to crack down on flash mobs and Bomb-resembling races. The message reads, "Attention all Skaters! Ian has received a summons from the City of New York. In order to avoid being prosecuted, Ian Nichols must officially cancel the Broadway Bomb and relinquish all responsibility. However, We are going to flash mob 116th Street and Broadway at 11:50AM and Start the Race at 12:00PM exactly. Get the exact time from your cellphone. Please don't show up until 11:50AM because there may be a police presence. Please share this post with everyone in order to keep us all safe. See you there." In its twelfth year, the race is expected to draw 2,000 skaters in what the website describes as ["the highlight of skater's whole lives."](http://www.broadwaybomb.com/about/) The idea is to beat traffic by winding past cars and stoplights-slogan "You Could Die"-but past crowds have shut down traffic altogether. The Law Department cited past activity such as "grabbing onto passing vehicles and bicycles" and "instructing vehicles which have the right of way to stop" as further justification for the order. While skaters that show up at 116th Street will be subject to arrest, the post-race barbecue will still occur since it has a permit, which is required for any gatherings of over 50 people.

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