Lucky Dog Gets Rescued By Cop Heroes

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[Two weeks ago we had the puppy-beater], and now we have the puppy-tosser. What is with all the puppy abuse? [Anthony Blow has thrown a poor pooch down the garbage chute while fighting with his girlfriend](, Robin Hines. What’s worse than sending your pup on a wild ride down a seven story chute? Sending your DEAF pup on a wild ride down a seven story chute. Miraculously, cops rescued the poor guy relatively unscathed and are now adopting him. Officers from the 20th Precinct and Emergency Service Unit used heavy machinery to break into the trash compactor room to get the pup out, but he spent over an hour stuck in the basement of the Amsterdam Ave. building all alone, and cold, and alone, and ... smelly. Hines told police that she and Blow were arguing because she refused to let him stay at her place after he got out of jail. Yeah. And now Blow has been arrested again, on Monday, this time charged with torturing and injuring an animal, abandonment of a disabled animal and carrying an animal in a cruel manner. That last one might be a bit of a stretch, seeing as how it wasn't so much the carrying but the not carrying that could've give the canine a heart attack. Blow was also charged with unlawful possession of marijuana to boot. Go figure. Nothing like a puppy-hater to give potheads a bad name.(

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