What's in Albright's Attic?Dear, ohdear! I wonder what happened to Walter Isaacson's researchers. Could it be thatTime Warner and Ted Turner are turning into scrooges? Or is it simply a caseof Walter baby letting sleeping dogs lie to continue to enjoy access to Madeleine'sboudoir for as long as she remains secretary of state?
Last week'sTime cover story on Madeleine Notsobright included many personal detailsexcept for the most embarrassing: A wealthy Austrian family has issued an ultimatumto Madeleine Albright and her relatives demanding they return "millionsof dollars' worth of war booty allegedly taken from their apartment in Pragueafter World War II," according to the May 6 Jewish Forward.Now before I go on, I have to declare an interest. The Austrian family thatis about to sue our Madeleine is known to me, and one of their brothers-in-lawis a very good friend. Also, my wife happens to be an Austrian, one of thoseAustrians who owned large parts of Czechoslovakia, as it happens. I am talkingabout the kind of Austrians Hitler was not very keen on, those with ancienttitles and castles in romantic settings. To a man they were all sent to theRussian front where most of them perished.