Mars Volta Fans Suck

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The Mars Volta concert Monday night at Terminal 5 got rave reviews [from some], but left a [sour taste]( in the mouths of many who went home that night. One [Internet forum for the band]( became a harsh symposium dedicated to the New York City crowd. 
One poster wrote, "FUCK THE NEW YORK CROWD. WORST SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO (in terms of crowd)."  Other posters apparently were even throwin’ 'bows.  "This fuckin dick kept throwing his elbow into my shoulder, guys kinda had no respect for chicks last night," wrote a poster.  "The crowd was awful. Someone spilled their beer on me; I almost punched some girl in the head..," wrote another.
This probably shouldn’t surprise anyone who was there.  Considering the majority of the crowd was high on something other than music, we should just be thankful no one reportedly died.
"The NYC crowd sucked big time. Fuckers were pushing hard, trying to start shit. I must have tossed 5 kids who shoved into me."
From now on, try doing your drugs after the show.

Photo by Sasha_86 on Flickr

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