Matthew Fox Racks Up More 'Lost' Fans

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Columbia University alum and “Lost” star—you know, that show about the island?—Matthew Fox [made fun of the students]’ less-than-warm reception of him as their Columbia College Class Day speaker in his follow-your-passion speech yesterday. And apparently, the [graduating class ate it up](

Class president, David Chait, has said that Fox was chosen to speak because of his “achievements as an actor, his commitment to Columbia and his ability to represent the diverse group of students who graduate from Columbia.” Diverse meaning not a banker or lawyer or diverse meaning a multi-millionaire?

But Chait’s fellow students complained that the ex-Party-of-Fiver is [all looks and no substance]—and, even worse, seriously lacking in academic credibility. That's like the worst insult an Ivy Leaguer can make! But forget his qualifications, is anyone else overcome with the urge to punch Charlie, I mean Jack in his face every time he arches his left eyebrow? ’Cause I am.

In his speech, Fox said, “Some of you might even be thinking, ‘We got this guy, and Harvard got Bill Gates.’ There’s an important distinction ... I actually graduated college.” Ouch, looks like Gates just added another to his death-list. Just once, I’d like a self-deprecating graduation speaker. You know, the type who goes: “Hi, I’m Joe. I graduated summa cum laude and have since moved back in with my folks, packed on 30 pounds and become re-virginized. But, hey, at least I don’t have a job!”

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