McCain Writes One Set Of Rules, Plays By Another?

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The conservative Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) is calling on Arizona Senator John McCain, a front-runner on the Republican side in 2008, to answer whether or not he will abide by the limitations of the federal public financing program set up for presidential candidates.

McCain famously authored very restrictive campaign financing laws a few years back, and CFIF President Jerry Mazzella wants to know if he intends to play within the system he helped to create.

"Senator McCain has made so-called 'clean elections' a staple of his political career," said Mazzella. "Despite numerous First Amendment concerns, he's unapologetically championed strict restrictions on political speech toward that stated end. Yet, now that Senator McCain is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, he continues to evade the direct question of whether he will abide by the very campaign finance limitations he advocates."

View the full letter [here].

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