Mean Girls—Really Mean

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Yesterday, [two teenage girls were stabbed—not by each other—outside a Manhattan high school]. Police say that the victims, both 16, were knifed around 9:30 a.m. in front of Landmark High School on 58th Street near Seventh Ave. One of them attends Landmark and the other is a student at Coalition School for Social Change; both schools coexist in the same building. Apparently, they argued Wednesday and later told their boyfriends about the tiff, who then planned to, as the Post puts it, rumble. One girl was stabbed in the thigh, the other in the back; both were taken to New York Hospital and are said to be in stable condition. Cops report that more than one student was armed with a knife. Witnesses last saw the assailants running south on Broadway.

But now wait a minute. [The Times] ran the exact same story but for a few minor detail. Same location, same wounds, different sex. According to their report, it’s two boys that were stabbed by a group of 11 other teens.  The reason for the brawl remains the the cat fight between the two girls on the previous day.

Regardless, [high school-ers are really mean]( ) ... and have a soft spot in their hearts for blades.

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