Meet Eddie Murphy's Big Head

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We thought Eddie Murphy's head was big enough, but Twentieth Century Fox takes over a portion of Times Square July 3-July 5 with a 15-foot, 3-ton "Dave." That would be a giant model of Eddie Murphy's head that is part of the promotion of the new Murphy vehicle, [Meet Dave], which opens July 11. It won't just sit there and stare out at tourists with that characteristic toothy grin either. Visitors are invited to crawl into Dave's ear and take pictures—meant to mirror a movie poster with the same image. Sounds like a good place to watch some fireworks.

Eddie Murphy, after winning an Annie Award and earning BAFTA and MTV Movie Award nominations for the voice of Donkey in the first Shrek movie launches into another bizarre "fish out of water" family role, playing Dave Ming Chang in Brian Robbins' Meet Dave. The gimmick is that Dave is a miniature captain of a ship modeled in his image. The ship is a human-sized Eddie Murphy, in a flashy white suit, awkwardly maneuvering his way around the streets as his captain and crew take guesses at what is natural to a human. The miniatures and their control room can be viewed through Dave's ear, through which they sometimes exit and come play in the real world, only to get in more trouble than Dave (the ship) in foibles reminiscent of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. So far there is no explanation for the apparently Asian name.

This summer, Eddie Murphy inside Eddie Murphy's head is Dave. As is the 15-foot Dave. This lends a whole new meaning to larger-than-life.

The pictures taken on the inside of the 15-foot model's ear are to be uploaded to the movie's website, where Twentieth Century Fox will select photographs of visitors taken from the model's tour of the nation, which started in L.A. on June 13, and create a mosaic of the photographs as the movie's final poster, where people can then find out whether they were included.

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