Michelle Obama Talks about Pantyhose and Cereal on 'The View'

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The beauty of a part-time job for me is the room it affords in my schedule for daytime television. Usually I’m content to sleep in, as I’m sick to death of Kathy Lee all over again, but today I woke up at the crack of 10:50 a.m. to watch that America-hating, fist-jabbing future first lady talk about pantyhose and cereal. It’s hard work, I know.

Aside from it being the fair thing to do—Cindy McCain got to co-host the show back in April—Michelle Obama joined forces with The View this morning for the chance to chit-chat with the gals and to apologize for her allegedly crazy, totally out of line self, particularly that bit (that happened like, a zillion years ago) about her country and pride and to convince the population of stay-at-home moms and part-time workers like me that she is just smitten with the U S of A.

Obama’s clarification of her statement, that she’s always been proud; only now she’s really proud, seemed accepted by her co-hosts, providing ample time to move on and discuss the hard issues of her wardrobe and eating habits. But here’s what no one on the show (or anywhere) will assert about this whole ridiculous mess: if we as a country have made a number of huge mistakes in the course of Obama’s “adult lifetime”—and we have—why should she have to claim that she’s been proud all along? Fake WMDs are nothing to be proud of. Neither is the energy crisis or the poor economy or an adulterous president (and governor, for that matter) or that idiot Cheney shooting someone. Obama was given the chance on The View to recant her statement, but the truth of the matter is that she was exactly right when she said those words back in February.

Now that the primaries are over and it’s time for everyone, potential first ladies included, to be on their best behavior, it would probably be somewhat detrimental to Senator Obama’s campaign for his wife to be honest with the American public. Until November, we’ll probably see more of Obama all warm and friendly and channeling Jackie O., but if she happens to slip up and actually speak her mind again, let’s cut her some slack. She can’t help it, the poor thing.

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