Sweet Dreams, Little Old Rat I'mgoing to hop all over the map in this column-more than usual-in deference tomy colleagues here at 333, half of whom are on vacation. Maybe it's nota fulltime job, but surely next summer publisher Mike O'Hara needs someoneto schedule the time slots available to leave New York and traipse offto the beach, climb mountains, eat in shabby bistros and whatever else peopledo when they're not working. It's been like a ghost town at NYPress'swank Lou Grant-style offices: Mr. O'Hara himself is off on asailboat jaunt in the Virgin Islands, with no access to e-mail; ad directorJimmy Katocin's in Saratoga; Lucky Jeff Koyen justcame back from an Alaskan cruise (I got some smoked salmon jerky as a souvenir);Mike Gentile and Tara Morris are in the Chesapeakeregion, and claim they'll eat steamed crabs at least twice a day; and LisaKearns is still dodging cranky Alex Cockburn's last-minute copy changesby holing up in Rome.
As for editorJohn Strausbaugh, we expect him back sometime in October; he and his wife Dianeare in Italy for the fifth time this year, chomping on little birds and drinkingCampari.