Midtown Traffic Congestion Solution To Expand

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Midtown in Motion, a traffic system unveiled by Mayor Bloomberg and Department of Transportation (DOT) officials in July of last year, will be expanded due to its initial success in congestion reduction. The first phase of Midtown in Motion saw a 10 percent increase in travel speeds, the DOT announced in a press release yesterday. The results won the NYC DOT a transportation technology award from ITS America, for creating a model for other cities as well as minimizing pollution. The system's success comes from its ability to relay traffic conditions to city traffic engineers in real time. The initial phase included various microwave sensors, video cameras and EZ pass readers. Real-time traffic information allows controllers to immediately identify issues and adjust patterns, avoiding bottlenecks and promoting the ability of drivers traveling at a constant speed on avenues to hit all green lights. "The service area will more than double in size to include Midtown from 1st to 9th avenues and from 42nd to 57th streets," the press release explained. "This state-of-the-art equipment is also more weather-resistant and tamperproof, and requires less maintenance than previous generations, which could only be adjusted based on time of day, leaving no ability to respond to crashes, construction, or special events." The expansions will cost $2.9 million, with funding provided by the City and New York State. "When Midtown moves, New York City moves," said DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan of the project's success. "While every New Yorker talks about beating the traffic?we've taken decisive steps towards managing it more effectively." -Alissa Fleck

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