Milestone City: A-Rod, Glavine Enter Record Books

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With all the arrests, the NBA referee gambling scandal and the Tour de Fraud shaking the foundations of the sporting world this summer like an 8.2 earthquake on the Richter Scale, both fans and athletes—especially those in New York City—finally had something to celebrate this weekend.

While the ethically iffy Barry Bonds was [finally tying Hammerin’ Hank] for baseball’s most hallowed record thousands of miles away, two New York superstars—both embroiled in exhausting chases as well—also vaulted into the history books. In the Bronx, Alex Rodriguez—who had been stuck on 499 home runs for so long that [the North Pole still had not been claimed]( when he hit it—[finally hit No. 500]( After watching his teammates pummel baseball’s worst pitching staffs during the Yankees’ 10-day celebration of the home run, A-Rod finally joined the festivities with his long-awaited blast, surpassing Hall-of-Famer Jimmie Foxx as the fastest player ever to reach 500 homers at 32 years and eight days.

In Chicago, Mets lefthander Tom Glavine finally [secured his 300th victory] over the Cubs on Sunday, becoming just the 23rd pitcher and fifth southpaw to reach that milestone. He allowed just two runs during 6.1 innings of work, helping the Mets defeat first-place Chicago. Of course neither team has too much time to celebrate, since the Yankees [still trail]( the Red Sox by seven games and the Mets have the Braves and Phillies chomping at the their blue-and-orange trousers to take over the NL East. Still, these headlines sure beat [dog fighting allegations](

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