Milledge Predicts Mets Cakewalk

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New York Mets outfielder Lastings Milledge made a [bold prediction] after his team defeated the Nation League-worst Cincinnati Reds 5-2 on Monday: The Mets would easily win the NL East this season. “We’re going to get back to where we were last year when we ran away with it,” Milledge said following the win.

Settle down, Mr. Milledge. We know you had a [good series] and you’re excited to be back in the big leagues, but let’s not get carried away. For the past six weeks, the team’s much heralded lineup couldn’t hit sand if they fell off a camel. Even after yesterday’s win, The New York Times—the country’s most distinguished newspaper—compared the Mets to a [three-year-old girl]( This remark comes after the Mets took three out of four from the Cincinnati Reds, which is like beating a paraplegic in a foot race. Their next seven games will be against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, arguably the two best teams in the National League; and the team behind them, the Atlanta Braves, also [swept their opponent]( this weekend, and are generally playing great baseball. At this point, Mr. Milledge, it would be impressive if you just held your [current lead]( Also, it would be nice if you kept your mouth shut long enough for some of your teammates to [actually like you](

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