Mind-Body Training for Positive Thinking

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By Nika Dearing When we think of training, we might envision world-class athletes dedicating hours to perfecting their craft. We could look at it as a form of learning and re-learning until every aspect is understood and mastered. This is very much like the mind-body training we do during self-reflection and development. We must know who we were in order to understand who we are, and even who we want to become. When we know our triggers, strengths, and weaknesses, we know which areas need more support and which to call upon for assistance. This mental exploration extends to the body through our health, our work environment, how we interact, and how we view the world. We live based on the beliefs that we learn as we grow. If our childhood is filled with negative experiences, and we never explore or attempt to heal them, then we cannot grow beyond them. So, how do we move beyond our negative existence? We must realize that negative thinking is a learned response, not an inherent one. It is learned and reinforced until it becomes a core belief. An example would be the woman who always picks the wrong guy and believes she is destined to be alone forever. We experience enough bad relationships in our life that eventually we resign ourselves to the belief that there nothing good out there for us. This is, of course, a false belief, but unless we can overcome it and maintain hope, then it will always be the outcome. We bring about what we think about. Our belief systems determine how we view the world, and how we view the world is how we will receive it as well. So, how do we overcome these negative beliefs? We re-train our minds to be more positive. We break down the negative belief systems one by one by using a four-step approach. Open the Door to Hope. Hope is the light that breaks the darkness within. With hope there is possibility, and with possibility anything can happen. Stay Determined. Hope gives possibility, but determination keeps us moving forward. It takes conscious effort, and we must keep getting back up every time we fall back into old ways of thinking. It is about never giving up hope, no matter what. Believe in the Impossible. It sounds silly, but when we can believe that anything is possible, we become stronger and more empowered in mind, body and spirit. The action of believing sets off a chain reaction of positive possibilities that keeps building and reinforcing over time. Know With All Your Being. This is a natural process of the third step. There just comes this day when you stop believing and start knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt. In that moment, we transform into a positive being. We become enlightened by a higher knowledge of life, and no longer choose to dwell in the negative thinking that held us back for so long. The mind-body training required to become more positive is a daily requirement. It takes a conscious effort, but just as in training the physical body, it does get easier over time. We become stronger and more positive with every conscious movement, and over time we find mastery. You will always remember the way you were. Negative thoughts will pop us just as memories come up, but it is in how we react and respond to them that makes the difference. They become an old friend that we nod to in recognition, and let go of as a passing thought in our day. Veronica "Nika" Dearing, D.Hlc., founder of ND Holistic Wellness & Healing in Houston, is a holistic life coach specializing in self-development and holistic wellness. She is author of the highly acclaimed book, "Inspire Me! 150 Meditations and Affirmations Guaranteed to Inspire, Motive, and Empower You into More Positive Thinking." You can find out more about Nika at her website: [www.nikadearing.com](https://www.nikadearing.com/).

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