Mom of NYU Con-kid Goes To Jail

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Editor's Note: This case was adjudicated. The charges for practicing medicine without a license were expunged on August 21, 2014. Mrs. Yalincak no longer has any such criminal conviction on her record.

Yesterday, the mother of a particularly cunning NYU student who swindled $7.5 million from investors in a phony hedge fund was sentenced to [serve two years jail time] for helping her son pull off the scam. But Ayfer Yalincak, 52, had already served 15 months, and will probably only serve an additional 5 1/2 months, thanks to good behavior. We guess that whole my-son-beat-me-with-a-tree-branch defense was pretty persuasive.

Here's how the devilish duo pulled it off: Yalincak, by her own admission, posed as the matriarch of a wealthy Turkish family to convince several investors to buy into 22-year-old Hakan's non-existent Greenwich hedge fund. His sister, Hale Yalincak, 19, describes him as “very weird.” In determining her sentence, the judge considered Ayfer's past conviction for posing as a doctor in Indiana and the $500,000 credit-card fraud she pulled off in cahoots with her then-adolescent son. Well, Hakan is certainly quite the smarty-pants, NYU or no NYU.

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