Monday Night Mayhem

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The Atlanta Falcons have had their share of problems this year. In the offseason, their star quarterback spent his time [murdering dogs]; maybe you heard about this, maybe you didn’t. Next, their star cornerback went [Chris Bridges]( on head coach Bobby Petrino, [berating him ]( national television. Then last week, the team lost Wayne Gandy—the anchor of their offensive line—for the entire season. Now, the New York Giants hope they can [add to Atlanta’s misery]( tonight on Monday Night Football.

After starting the year 0-2, the Giants have won three straight games to move into [second place] in the NFC East division. And with Gandy missing and a rookie offensive tackle replacing him, the Giants’ ferocious defensive line should be able to maul Falcons quarterback Joey Harrington like Michael Vick’s pit bulls used to maul other dogs.

Of course, Giants fans should be wary. Under Tom Coughlin, the G-Men haven’t always been as successful as they should have been. And Coughlin, a disciplinarian-bordering-on-psychotic-dictator, actually said he was “happy” following last week’s win. If Coughlin can be happy—a feeling that he has never experienced before, according to sources close to the situation—then anything can happen. So don’t be surprised if the Giants disappear tonight [like T.I. ]from Saturday night’s B.E.T Awards.

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