Monica Crowley vs. Sandra Fluke: No sex for lesbians?

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By Rachel Khona When most people get engaged, it's met with rounds of congratulatory remarks, hugs, and champagne. However when pro-birth control activist Sandra Fluke announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Adam Mutterperl, conservative Fox News (shocker!) pundit Monica Crowley made like a 16-year-old and took to her Twitter account to react the news "To a man?" she tweeted. Clearly any female who supports a feminist agenda and doesn't have long shiny tresses-befitting a Pantene commercial-must clearly be a lesbian. Fluke took the news in stride demonstrating the same level of class she displayed when she was verbally attacked by Rush Limbaugh for being a slut. (Note to Rush: a woman in a monogamous relationship is the opposite of a slut. Though calling someone is slut is effed up regardless.) On The Ed Show, Fluke stated that she thought Crowley's comments were homophobic and that Crowley should issue an apology to the LGBT community. Though I respect her opinion, I couldn't help but think Fluke was missing the more obvious jab. In suggesting that Fluke is a lesbian, not only is Crowley mocking women who stand up for women's rights, she is making a subtle dig at Fluke's appearance. With her long blond hair and perfectly made up face, Crowley is your typical glamazon. If this was Mad Men, She is Joan and Fluke is Peggy. Minus the goodwill. But this isn't just an issue of a conservative going after a liberal. Infamous sex blogger Lena Chen remarked, "When people saw what I looked like, they were surprised. Like I wasn't attractive enough to be having sex or talking about sex." Apparently she didn't get the memo that only supermodels and Hollywood starlets have sex. But more importantly why are women categorized as sluts or lesbians because of their political stances or points of view? The interesting thing about female degradation is that women take an equal part in putting down other women. Whether it's to feel superior or because they themselves are scared to rock the boat, it only serves to do a disservice to womankind. Don't agree with a woman's opinion? Call her a lesbo! A dyke! That's the way to engage in political discourse! I'm not sure what possessed Crowley to suggest Fluke is a lesbian. Perhaps she wants to seem cool in the boys club. Or perhaps she's intimidated of a woman who has no fear of standing up for herself. Either way, all she did was show her ass, so to speak. And her ass is seriously not cute.

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