More About Eddie Murphy's Extremely Large Head

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You couldn't miss it if you tried, and believe me, I tried. The [giant head](blogx/display_blog.cfm?bid=4460897) can be seen from any angle on Times Square, with a thin line of curious tourists and kids excited by the opportunity to be on TV forming hesitantly behind it. Reporters rehearsed pithy one-liners in front of cameras before pointing to the head, where two visitors would then pop out and scream, "Meet Dave!"

The marketing ploy however does not end at the head. Twentieth Century Fox arranged for the trailer to be mercilessly played on loop on one of the large screens of the square visible above the head, and every few minutes, the buses that formerly displayed Adam Sandler's spread-eagle Zohan pose, now feature Eddie Murphy's increasingly obnoxious grin.

A number of businesswomen walked by holding Starbucks coffee and shielded their eyes from the sun to get a better look.

"Great," one said, "That's the only head I could look at first thing in the morning that could be worse than my husband's."

The head will be delighting and upsetting all who pass through July 5th.

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