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Last week [we reported] on some of the revealing details about Matt Drudge in Craig Seymour's memoir, All I Could Bare, about Seymour's stripper days. D.C.'s LGBT paper, Metro Weekly, followed it up with [an interview with Seymour](, in which writer Will O'Bryan asks him if Matt Drudge has called to congratulate him on the book. Seymour's answer is pretty fun as well:

"No. When Vanity Fair did this big profile on him I e-mailed him. I think we exchanged a couple of e-mails.

A couple of weeks ago, I e-mailed just to let him know he's in this book. 'If you want me to send you a copy, I will.'' I didn't hear back from him. I didn't really expect to. He was just a hanging buddy when we were 18 or 19. We just talked every day on the phone—just talking about entertainment news, entertainment gossip, stuff like that. Nobody took him seriously. He was almost too intense for everyone else but me. That's why I was one of his few friends. He always had this vision of himself as somebody who should be taken seriously, and he felt like he should be a news voice, a journalism voice, even though at that time—this was in the late '80s—it was just not conceivable how somebody with a kind of limited education, no real writing skills or anything, how he could possibly become that, become a force to be reckoned with.

To me, it's just an amazing example of someone who had a clear vision of who he was and what he wanted to be in the world and just found a way to make that happen."

So, there you have it: It is possible to get ahead without any skills (if you really try).

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