More on U.N. Plan For Governors Island

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editor's note:

last week, west side spirit ran a letter signed by mary sue daniels, office of the mayor, nyc commission for the u.n., responding to a request to move the united nations to governors island. the reader who submitted the letter, scott baker, of common ground nyc and transportation alternatives, submitted another letter published below responding to this idea.


office of the deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding

november 28, 2006

dear mr. baker:

thank you for your recent letter to deputy mayor doctoroff regarding the united nations and governors island. we appreciate your taking the time to share your suggestion with us.

the idea of relocating the un to governors island is an interesting one, and one that we have raised with the un at various time (sic) over the last several years. to date they have indicated they are not at all interested in relocating for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the difficulty associated with gaining consensus for a move of that significance among nearly 200 member nations. as the un owns its site, aside from offering the suggestion and our assistance there is little we can do to push the issue any further.

thank you again for your letter. we'll continue to keep the idea on our radar screen.


marc ricks

chief of staff

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