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More and More Antiques offers surprisingly charming finds at low prices

By Laura Shanahan

Saints preserve us! Specifically, miniaturized versions of saints that appear to be hand-carved of an especially soothing-green translucent jade, (but are in fact "plastique"), accented with metallic gold touches. Find these approximately two-inch high Peruvian religious and cultural totems at More and More Antiques, at 378 Amsterdam Ave., corner of 78th, where they sell for the equally diminutive price of $2.50 per. caption id="attachment_63226" align="aligncenter" width="300"][ More and More Antiques
378 Amsterdam Ave.; Phone: (212) 580-8404
What's special: Collectible quality antiques comingled with witty and just downright pretty trifles, because, in the immortal words of one shopper, "It's nice to look at pretty things." [/caption]

Um, contemporary plastic $2.50 items ? no matter how charming and unique ? at an antiques shop? Yes, indeed. More and More is an antiques store like no other. Sure, there is the $2,600 set of fine Royal Crown Derby vintage china in a discontinued Old Japan Imari pattern, (distinctive in its flowy-floral design of cobalt, metallic gold and a carnelian color) ? but there are also loads of absolutely lovely and enchanting contemporary, (albeit often with an antique-y twist), items that are perfect to give as gifts for, say, $10 and less ? sometimes way less.

"I try to mix it up so there's something for everyone," say owner Steve Mohr, whose store has been on this block for a total of 26 years (there was a prior location on this very same street).

I rarely shop while I go shopping around for y'all, but at these prices ? and this level of enchantment ? I purchased no fewer than five items, totaling a measly $17 or so: three saints, (you don't have to be religious ? or Catholic ? to love these; oh, did I mention they glow in the dark?), and two F.G. and Co. sparkly die-cut gift tags.

Ah, yes, the gift tags: You are a more giving person than I am if you can actually affix these beauties by their satin-ribbon ties to a gift for someone. I'm keeping the ones I bought for myself, I confided to another shopper. "It's nice to look at pretty things," she agreed.

F.G. and Co. has several series of tags ? oh, we know they're gift tags, because they have the "To" and "From" designations. The series includes Ballet Fairies and Luxury Ladies, with each card faithfully replicating antique illustrations, predominantly pretty and pink and dainty beyond words. Gilding the lily, each is also hand-glittered, adding exquisite detailing and patterns. All this for just $3 to $6.50 per. You might wish to do what I plan for one of the larger ones (over 7-inches long) ? and use it as a book mark.

More pretty stuff, again in an unusual context: The deck of playing cards, each imprinted with a different painting by Gustav Klimt, the 19th century Austrian artist best known for The Kiss, a gorgeously elaborate and sensual work; $10.

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