Move The #($*%&@ Over, Buddy!

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Yesterday, a study done by [AutoVantage] was released naming New York City as the [second worst city for road rage]( in the country.  While we aren’t as busy or angry as Miami, where drivers are most likely to be found [putting on makeup]( behind the wheel, we are most likely to cut over without notice. The only real shocker here is that we’re worse than Boston, where reckless drivers actually speed up and [try to hit police officers](! In the survey, road rage was defined as, “Angry or upset drivers, including out-of-control drivers and drivers who lose their temper,” and, “Bad or aggressive driving, including bad/careless/crazy and/or rude driving, cutting into lanes, cutting people off, tailgating, speeding and/or honking.” Who, us? We’re not sure how [Bloomberg’s congestion charge]( will affect road ragers, but the words “rage” and “charge” usually go hand in hand.

Photo courtesy of [manamanah on Flickr]

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