Might Be Sneaky

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The other day, I signed up using my New York Press e-mail account for's daily e-mail alerts, just one of the hundreds of similar e-mail alerts I get in my inbox each day.

This morning, I received an automated e-mail from thanking me for signing their petition opposing the escalation in the war in Iraq, and urging me to call my Congressional representative and let them know my stance on the issue.

Well, I never signed that petition. And if my name was included on it (it could be a mistake), I'm a little annoyed. I've reached out to MoveOn's press people for an explanation, and to ask if such use of their e-mail list is typical. Developing...

UPDATE: spokesman Trevor Fitzgibbon has told me he will look into this.

UPDATE #2: has emailed to let me know this was a mistake, and my name has been removed from the petition.

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