MTA Driver Catches Girl in Three Story Fall [Video]

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By Paul Bisceglio If you're looking to restore your faith in humanity, look no further than this video of Stephen St. Bernard, 52, catching a seven-year-old girl on Monday after she fell from her family's third floor apartment in Brooklyn.
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NBC New York reports that the MTA city bus driver was on his way home to Coney Island when nearby screams drew him into a building courtyard. There he saw the girl atop the air conditioning unit outside a window, dancing without pants. St. Bernard ran under the window. "She just stood up there teetering, teetering," he told NBC. "Please let me catch her, please let me catch her, that's all I could say. Let me catch the little baby." St. Bernard shouted up to the girl, urging her to go back into her apartment. Then she fell, and he caught her. "I picked her up and carried her, and I was holding her, rubbing her, and she just more or less kept looking around," he said to NBC."She never closed her eyes, she didn't lose consciousness." Police reported that the girl is autistic. She was taken to the hospital, and had only minor bruises. St. Bernard tore a tendon in his shoulder, but said it was a small price to pay. The girl's mother was inside the apartment busy watching her other child at the time of the fall. She did not want to speak with reporters after the incident. Monique Harding, the girl's aunt, though, publicly praised St. Bernard. "He's my hero," she said. "He definitely did our family a favor today."

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