Murdoch Murdering The Journal?

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New York-based [News Corp], the owner of Fox “Bush Rules” Network, is buying Dow Jones, owner of the Wall Street Journal, for $60 a share—an amount that even Trump wouldn’t sneer at.

Dow Jones Director Dieter von Holtzbrinck, [quit yesterday] because, as he told [The New York Times](, “I’m very worried that Dow Jones’ unique journalistic values will long-term strongly suffer after the proposed sale.”

Maybe Mr. von Holtzbrink’s fear that the “journalistic values” of the most traditional financial paper this side of the pond would be compromised by the most conservative news network is justified in his mind—but we think he’s just afraid to work for [Rupert Murdoch] (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of News Corp), a man who makes Scrooge look nice. Then again, maybe he’s just jealous of Murdoch’s hot wife (pictured left with her hubby).

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