Nadler Weighs in on Gun Violence

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Representative Jerrold Nadler addressed gun violence prevention at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue this past Monday.

"How do we do better as a society to prevent gun violence?" asked Nadler.

The Representative pointed out gun violence has always been an issue, particularly in inner cities, but the number of mass shootings in recent years have forced the public to take a closer examination of the issue.

"Since the shootings in Newtown, there have already been 3,500 gun deaths across America," he reported. "No one can dispute that such violence is an epidemic."

Nadler called the votes against a series of amendments aimed to address gun control "a truly outrageous display of Congress at its worst."

Nadler blamed "political calculatedness" for the outcome as well as organizations like the NRA using any means possible to gain leverage, but most of all he blamed firearm manufacturers and the Senate's desire to protect the industry.

The Representative pointed to a number of bills we must consider in moving forward, including the Assault Weapons Ban, a Universal Backgrounds Check system, the Fix Gun Checks Act, the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act and increased gun buyback programs. Nadler also noted he introduced a bill which would prevent sex offenders from being able to use guns.

In addition to enforcing the passage of these bills, Nadler said there is a great deal more we can do as a society to make sure weapons don't fall into the wrong hands.

"People around the world look at our society and wonder how we, the United States of America, can tolerate 10,000 gun deaths per year," said Nadler. "We should wonder the same thing."

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