Neighbors Vote No on Heathers

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Did CB3 have a brain tumor for breakfast? Heathers, a popular bar on 13th Street near Avenue A, may be shutting its doors for good. The bar's long term disputes with its neighbors have come to a head, and the residents are not backing down. With the bar's future in the hands of the Community Board 3, Heathers' future is not looking bright.

Heathers has been denied a renewed liquor license and effectively forced out of the neighborhood. At the Community Board hearing on Monday, the bar's neighbors loudly vetoed its application for renewal. Neighbors of Heathers added noise, smoking and public urination to their list of complaints.

Heather Millstone, the bar's owner, reminded the community of her participation in the 2009 rape case in which two NYPD officers were accused of rape based on evidence provided by the Heathers security camera. She also stated that her bar is a "safe place" for gays, lesbians and transsexuals in her defense.

The community was not convinced and voted "no" on her bid to renew the bar's liquor license. Their main complaints were the noise levels outside their apartments late at night. "It's anarchy, and for that reason their liquor license should be taken away," said one resident. Others complained about the drunken behavior that they find unacceptable. Some complain about bar patrons urinating on their buildings while another resident has caught people "trespassing on [his] property and smoking pot."

Why is Heathers being targeted on a bl0ck well known for its nightlife? Residents say it is the worst of them all. Referring to the group of bars on Avenue A one resident said, "Our biggest problem is Heathers."

Despite Millstone's attempts to shine a spotlight on the good Heathers has done for the community, residents are not extending a neighborly hand. Community Board 3 makes its official vote on Sept. 27 and based on the atmosphere at the Community Board hearing, Heathers is on its way out.

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