New Jersey Not the Ugly Stepsister

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NBC is moving at least 1,000 of its employees from their Midtown location at Rockefeller Center just across the George Washington Bridge to Englewood Cliffs, NJ, according to the [New York Post]. The move comes as no surprise, considering CNBC, the networks popular business station, is already there.

According to the network's own research, "Americaís Top States for Doing Business" (posted on CNBCís web site), [New Jersey ranks numero uno] in the Quality of Life category, whereas [New York follows at seven]( . We're not sure if we're shocked or totally bored by the idea that the Garden State boasts better quality of life than our concrete jungle. But Jersey's Cost of Living is high, ranking at 45 out of 50, rompared to New York's 37. Since both states are equally crappy for Cost of Doing Businessóeach earning a 50ówhy move across the river instead of keeping the posh Manhattan address?

Maybe itís because the city's infrastructure is failing: The subways donít run on time (sometimes not at all), the Mayorís congestion pricing plan is a mere shadow of its former self and an increase in police presence tells us that another terrorist attack could be imminent. But itís not like ROC Center is a target, so we donít get it.

Photo courtesy of [i happy!! on Flickr]

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