New Survey Shows Queens Residents Most Optimistic about City

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by Nora Bosworth While New Yorkers are famously loyal to their own boroughs-- Brooklynites could never imagine living in the chaos of Manhattan, Manhattanites could never imagine not living in the chaos of Manhattan--it seems that a less mainstream region of the city is filled with its most optimistic campers: Queens. A new study by the Muncipal Art Society of New York surveyed New Yorkers in each borough on how they rated their satisfaction with their city, and how optimistic they are about its future. According to the [New York Times], Staten Island's residents were most satisfied with their neighborhoods, with a whopping 91 percent saying they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied". Meanwhile 85 percent of those polled in Manhattan and Brooklyn expressed satisfaction, with 84 percent in Queens and 77 percent for the Bronx. On the other hand, those living in Queens felt most positively about where the city is headed, with a 14% increase in optimism from last year. All in all, the poll's findings suggest that the vast majority of New Yorkers seem to be content in their environment. But that doesn't mean we'll stop griping!

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