New Year's Resolutions Your Pet Would Want You To Make

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By Robin Brennen When the ball drops in Times Square and the humans are all out celebrating, your pets are at home reflecting on the previous year and making their own New Year's resolutions. Here are their top 10 submissions from past years. They are relying on you to help them achieve their goals!
I need a checkup! Please remember to schedule yearly health exams with my favorite veterinarian. Both dogs and cats will benefit from a good physical, wellness screening, vaccines and preventative medicine. Many diseases can go undetected, and we want to be sure that I am healthy inside and out. I know that in this economy vet visits can be expensive, but skipping them is usually more costly. Now may be a good time to investigate pet insurance. My breath stinks! If you want my kisses to be enjoyable, learn how to brush my teeth. My human and I are both out of shape! While I love lying next to you watching Family Guy, we need to start exercising. For dogs, this means getting outside and walking. This way I get to expend some energy, socialize with my neighbors and maybe meet that special someone (humans are "mate magnets"). For cats, playing fetch with a catnip toy or feather pole can burn some calories and get that heart pumping. I could improve my manners. Find a dog trainer and teach me some obedience, so I can behave better at the dog park. Lifetime security wanted. What happens to me when you can no longer care for me? Make provisions for my care in your will or establish a Pet Trust. I don't want to end up in a shelter because you weren't thinking ahead. When was the last time you gave me a bath? 'Nuff said. Watch my weight. Check nutrition and calorie content in my food and make sure you are feeding me appropriately. Pet obesity has reached an all-time high. I don't want to be a statistic. Volunteer. Maybe we would make a good pet-therapy team? If not, you should go out and volunteer at a shelter. I am willing to share a little bit of the love you give me with a homeless pet. Donate. I really don't need another squeaky toy or a sweater. Please donate it to a shelter. Adopt. There are thousands of homeless animals in New York. If we can't expand our family, maybe we can help get the word out. Dr. Robin Brennen is chief of veterinary services and program operations at Bideawee.

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