New York Family: A Sweet Read

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New York Family Magazine's Q&A with Mother-Daughter Authors Sheryl and Carrie Berk By Whitney Casser It seems like cupcakes are on the menu at just about every eatery in the city these days. From dessert trucks to local bakeries to gourmet restaurants, the single serving sugar bombs have all but won the culinary popularity contest. Now, the sweet treat makes its latest appearance in a new kids book series (ages 9 and up), [The Cupcake Club](, by mother-daughter writers Sheryl and Carrie Berk. In their first book, Peace, Love and Cupcakes, Sheryl and Carrie tell the story of Kylie, a fourth-grade student at a new school who makes friends by starting a cupcake club. Along the way, Kylie and her group of friends must overcome bullying and other issues. And, without sugar-coating it, the girls must confront their problems with strength, smarts and grace. To learn more about the authors and the inspiration behind The Cupcake Club, we asked Sheryl and Carrie all about their sweet new book adventure. 1. Congrats on your new book! Tell us all about The Cupcake Club, Kylie and the story you tell in Peace, Love and Cupcakes. Sheryl: Thanks! It was all Carrie's idea. She loved cupcakes and wanted to read a fiction series about a group of girls in a cupcake club. There was nothing out there, so she wrote her own story. The Cupcake Club is about four girls, each very different, who come together to bake fabulous cupcakes. Along the way, they become BFFs who help each other through some tough situations. They help each other to grow. Carrie: I love the show Glee, and how the kids in the club are kind of outsiders who come together to be winners. That's what Kylie, Jenna, Sadie and Lexi are--they're all different or picked on. One likes monster movies and they call her a freak; one is overweight; one has dyslexia, and one is really shy. Then they come together, and they're a great team. To read the full article at New York Family [click here](

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